Menno House
Thursday, January 18, 2018
affordable housing in the heart of Manhattan
Short-term guests

Menno House is primarily the home of a dozen church volunteers, students and employees of local non-profits. At our discretion, we make three bedrooms available to small numbers of overnight guests. You can now check our availability online.

The Basics

  • Rates: May through October $90 for one person + $40 for each additional person, per room, per night. (No charge for children under 5 years.) Each room has a queen size bed, as well as a loft of about 4' clearance that holds additional mattresses. Rooms are private to the reserving party.   November through April: $85 for one person + $35 for each additional
  • Facilities: The guest bathroom is located on a separate floor, and is shared with other guests. We average five guests each night. There is a sink available on the guest floor.
  • Accessibility: All bedrooms are on the second floor and accessible only by stairs.
  • Amenities: Towels and linens are provided, but there is no regular room service. Rooms are air conditioned. Guests have access to a small cupboard and refrigerator for storing food. The kitchen is available when it is not being used by house residents (generally, weekdays in the late morning and afternoon).
  • Wifi: Complimentary.
  • Pets: Because of many residents and guests with allergies, we cannot accommodate any pets
  • Check-out: 11 am. Guests are welcome to store luggage at the house for pick-up later in the day.
  • Quiet hours: 10 pm to 10 am. There is no curfew.
  • Parking: Menno House does not have parking affiliated with its facility. For more information, please refer to Directions and Parking.
Reserving a Room
  • E-mail the manager at or call 212-677-1611. We respond to all messages - both are checked on weekday mornings.
  • If your dates are available, we will ask you to pay for your stay in full in order to make the reservation. Payments may be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer via PayPal, or by sending a US check or money order. We book reservations when we receive payment.
  • Cancellations: There is a $50 service charge for all cancellations. Payments are refundable up to 1 month before the start of a reservation, less this fee. If a reservation is canceled or shortened less than 1 month before the reservation start date, a cancellation fee of 1 night will be charged (rather than the $50 service charge), and the difference refunded to you.
  • Price adjustments for the number of guests staying in a room can be made upon arrival at the house, but please do inform the manager in advance.

  • Check-in: We accept check-ins anytime between 9 am and 11 pm, but we require arrival times at least one week in advance
  • Rooms are guaranteed ready by 3pm. If arriving in the morning, rooms may not be ready, but guests are welcome to collect keys and drop off luggage.
  • Menno House is located in Gramercy, Manhattan, just east of Second Avenue on 19th Street. Directions are available for getting here by car or public transportation.
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